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Friday, March 02, 2007

It's Starting To Get Spooky

Yesterday, Al Gore (the High Priest of Global Warming) held a discussion at Oklahoma University about the mythological global warming that resembled more of a New Age political "Hate-the-Republicans", "Love-The-Democrats" spiritual fest. It should be pointed out that his host (Oklahoma U.) was David Boren, president of the university. The same David Boren that served with him as a Democrat in the US Senate for 8 years.

Ex-Senator Boren opened the environmental discussion with how he felt that Al Gore really won the elections in 2000. You start to get a flavor of where this is going.

Gore's multi-media presentation lasted almost two hours and can be boiled down to: We will all die horrible deaths if humanity doesn't stop outputting greenhouse gases. Meaning: carbon dioxide. Well, I for one would argue with the inventor of the internet about carbon dioxide being a "bad" gas. Further, I would suggest that if he felt so strongly about this he ought to take a position of "leading by example" and simply stop exhaling. Of course he won't. There's an agenda behind all this you know.

Gore went on to decry the global warming as the greatest threat to humanity in our global history. Then he continues, "This is not a political issue. It's a moral, ethical and spiritual issue."

And with this, he really gets spooky. Can the book burnings and "inquisitions" be far behind?

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