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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Exactly What I would Expect...

Recently, a former Canadian Defense Minister has demanded that all the governments of the world give up their UFOs (crashed space aliens), and the technology found on them, for the sake of battling the pending global warming death that soon awaits us all. Paul Hellyer, 83, demanded that governments (especially the United States) "come clean" and reveal all of our stashed UFOs and their secrets. "This could be a way to SAVE our planet", he continued. He opined that without this secret alien technology, we're going to boil away and burn up in a generation.

Click HERE for the original sad story of yet another hysterical "Global Warming" idiot.

Well, I don't know whether to heap extreme scorn on this guy, or to feel utter sadness for him for such a gullible, illogical, and stupid thought. And to think, this guy was THE National Defense Minister of Canada at one time. Kinda reminds you of a former President in our own country (Carter) claiming he was attacked by a "killer rabbit", and then seeing a UFO himself, huh? What is it with these people? Does the technical term: "cookoo" ring a bell?

Or is it me? Did I just forget that we're the galactic junk yard?? I mean, why else would all other "advanced" civilizations span thousands of light years with faster-than-light star drives just to continue to crash their spaceships here all the time. Maybe once they hear Al Gore they crash on purpose to avoid exposing themselves to such insane idiots.

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