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Friday, February 23, 2007

Achtung! Achtung! WAS IST DAS? Scientist Gets Rebuked by Idiot Politician

It is happening. Politicians are now rebuking scientists - about science. The Governor of Delaware (Mrs. Ruth Ann Minner) has now issued an edict stating that the state's chief climatologist must remain silent about any of his concerns and accept "Global Warming". Sig Heil! Sig Heil!

Yet, in examination of Mrs. Minners biography, it is discovered that she has NOTHING MORE than a GED certificate. Hell, she never finished High School! (Click HERE for her CV). And yet... she is muzzling a person who has PhD in climatology and is the state's chief climate scientist. Talk about an outright moron! I simply cannot come up with enough bad words to describe such lunacy and arrogance and stupidity (Ok, Ok, one mention of Al Gore does it).

Shame on the people of Delaware for electing such a DOLT! That doesn't speak well about Delawarians, does it? Good luck with your idiot governor.

The hysteria and insanity is reaching fever pitch... I do fully expect that soon, anyone not kneeling down to the alter of Global Warming will be branded with Hate Crimes. It's coming...

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