Monday, July 12, 2010 

University of East Anglia Decides To Ignore Data Manipulation

Astoundingly, the University of East Anglia has performed an investigation on itself and declared "nothing to see here, move along". This conflicted investigation is attempting to convince the world that despite the gross data manipulation, lying, scheming, and the deeply embedded Marxist political agendas - the environmental scientists are still correct in their assertion that the Earth is boiling away and we'll all going to die horrible frying-pan deaths in 5 years because we drive SUVs and run air conditioners.

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Such absurdity. Lets just hope the world does not degenerate into anarchy because if it does, these crack pot Marxist professors will be the first victims.

By the way - I wonder if anyone has asked the Australians about this. They're undergoing their coldest winter in generations.

Sunday, July 11, 2010 

Australia - Coldest In a Century

"WIDESPREAD cloud and persistent rainfall has kept temperatures down right across Queensland. Longreach, in the Central West, received persistent rain from Tuesday evening, dropping the temperatures by about four degrees. The temperature then barely moved yesterday, reaching a maximum of 11 degrees; 12 degrees below the long-term average and the coldest July day in 44 years of records.Isisford, further south, was even colder, getting to just 10 degrees. This was the town's chilliest day since before records began in 1913, almost a century ago."



Sunday, July 04, 2010 

Snow in July In New Hampshire

Enough is enough... there is NO global warming.
Snow in July... CLICK HERE