Wednesday, July 29, 2009 

Global Smarming

Doug Casey, of "Casey Research" writes:

"Have you noticed that "global warming" is gradually being supplanted by "climate change"? The fact is that the earth's climate has been changing constantly for at least 500 million years and has generally gotten much cooler over that time. It has certainly warmed since the end of the last Ice Age, 12,000 years ago, and was much warmer than now at the height of the Roman Empire. It cooled during what became known as the Dark Ages, warmed again during medieval times (when grapes grew in Greenland and northern England), and cooled again during the Little Ice Age (which ended about 200 years ago). During the '70s, as you may recall, some magazines ran cover stories featuring glaciers intruding into New York City. And for the last ten years, it appears the Earth has been cooling, although that's not widely reported. Change is a constant when it comes to the climate, and warmer is generally better.

Is the science "settled" on the subject? The very concept strikes me as ridiculous, in that science is rarely "settled" on anything short of it being proclaimed a law of nature. And, contrary to popular opinion, it seems most scientists with credentials in the field are either agnostic on the question or debunk the proposition of anthropogenic global warming. But the intellectual climate is such that most scientists are afraid to question out loud the reality of warming. Since almost all funding today comes from politically correct sources, namely the government and foundations, the money goes to those who are known to be looking for the "right" answers. Science has been corrupted."

For his full article, please click HERE.


Nature Is The Culprit, Not Man

This stands on its own... click HERE for the article.


Global Warming Is The New Religion

Well, we knew this. We've known this. There is a fanatical following to this that throws all critical thinking under the bus. It's a political agenda, to be sure. There is no global warming. None at all. Temperature variations occur naturally over time... but try telling that to millions of scientifically ignorant Americans when they get notions into their thick stubborn heads. Fear is a great motivator and excites the foolish. Politicians play on this.

This article was written by a top Australian geologist... and by the way, a geologist does know about climate and environmental factors. Perhaps even better than a climatologist because... the geologist studies environments over millions and millions of years instead of just 50 or 100. When studying trends and trying to tease out accurate details, wouldn't you want a longer baseline?

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Germany Calls A Spade, A Spade

Germany now refers to Al Gore and Obama's Cap and Tax agenda as ECO-IMPERIALISM. Read the story, click HERE.


India Tells Al Gore To Stuff A Sock In His Pie Hole

Indian scientists are refuting and planning to ignore the United States call for Cap and Trade (cap and tax). Or should I say... the Al-Gorite nazi-environmentalist demands for Cap and Tax. Scientists, after examining the data, find no global warming trends and therefore have advised the Indiana government that it's a myth. And it is. Even Carl Sagan (oh gosh, a real scientist) warned of global COOLING, not warming.

It's Al Gore, and his communist KGB pals, that cooked up this lie. Millions of gullible ignorant Americans have bought into this. And the Obots (Obamanites) have decided to push this agenda of Al Gore's.

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Doubt what I say about Al Gore? Do a web search on Al Gore's association with Armand Hammer (a top Soviet Agent and close Gore family friend). Decide for yourself.


3000 Low Temperature Records Smashed in July 2009

Three thousand COLD TEMPERATURE records have been broken in July 2009. For those that don't get it... that means 3000 coldest EVER temperatures have been recorded in the United States and Europe. In July 2009. Summer time. Translation: there is NO global warming. If anything, there is a cooling trend. And guess what it is all linked to? Not humans. Try the SUN. Get it?

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Coldest in 68 Years

Chicago Sees Coldest July In 67 Years with average temperatures of only 68.9 Degrees. In July. Middle of summer - 2009.

Global Warming? Anyone with a rational mind will not call 68 degrees in July WARM.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009 

Obama Admits - Its All About The Money

Obama predicts rising sea levels, more Katrinas, death and destruction... Yet none of these events are happening. Yet Obama wants YOU to pay for mythical damage to Al Gore's environment.

Watch this video... you will hear for yourself that this is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

Click HERE for the video.


2009 Record COLD Year

2009 is the coldest year on record. Completely destroying every single Gore 'climate model of death' in existence.

Click HERE for news of the cold.


Global Warming and Love Canal

What is the connection? You recall Love Canal? That horrible death hole of pollution? Who brought that lovely cesspool of death to America? Answer: Occidental Petroleum.

"There is no U.S. company that Gore is closer to, financially or socially, than Occidental, one of the most controversial in America. It was Occidental, via Hooker Chemical, that brought us Love Canal in the 1970s. The configuration of the vice president, Al `Earth in the Balance' Gore, with an oil company is more than a little surprising". Click HERE.

Al Gore is a product of Armand Hammer... a top level soviet agent.
Click HERE.


Inconvenient Truth: It's All About The Money

Dummy Up America... global warming is as big a scam as the one Bernie Madoff came up with. To be specific, the global warming myth is all about the redistribution of wealth in the world. Click HERE for the news article with the details.

Then, for your reading pleasure, do a little research on Al Gore and his family associations.

Did you know that after all that finger pointing Al Gore did of George Bush... accusing Bush of being an 'oil man'... that it was really Al Gore that was the oil man? Do yourself a favor, look up "Occidental Petroleum" and "Al Gore" on the web.

Then look up "Armand Hammer" and "Al Gore".

Suddenly - very many things begin to make sense...

I'll even help you...

Click HERE for starters...


The Media Won't Mention How Much Money Al Gore Is Making

Al Gore is becoming a billionaire. Thanks to his myth of global warming. Thanks to politics. Thanks to weak-minded gullible Americans. Click HERE for the story. Read this and weep... you have been duped.


End Of The World And World War IV Predicted By Kerry

The end of the world, to include all the biblical plagues, are predicted by politician John Kerry (Purple Heart for a Scratch) if we do not immediately enact the Cap and Trade bill - right now. Further, Kerry predicts world war and global military conflicts if Cap and Trade isn't passed - right now. Click HERE for the report.

Isn't this bordering on pathetic? Extreme fear tactics, threats, crazy predictions - from politicians (you know, those people we have lower opinions of than 'used car salesmen'). Yet... this is the coldest year on record. Fact. And that alone blasts ALL the predictions and fears and climate models straight into the trashcan. You have to remember the predictions from 5-10 years ago! By now we were to have boiled away the oceans and killer hurricanes would have ravaged the whole eastern coast into oblivion (funny, we've not had a hurricane for 3 years).

By now, it should be abundantly clear... All of this global warming crap (and I mean crap) can be distilled into one phrase: "the politics of fear". Fear makes money. Fear gets votes. Fear promotes grants.

End of story.