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Thursday, July 23, 2009

End Of The World And World War IV Predicted By Kerry

The end of the world, to include all the biblical plagues, are predicted by politician John Kerry (Purple Heart for a Scratch) if we do not immediately enact the Cap and Trade bill - right now. Further, Kerry predicts world war and global military conflicts if Cap and Trade isn't passed - right now. Click HERE for the report.

Isn't this bordering on pathetic? Extreme fear tactics, threats, crazy predictions - from politicians (you know, those people we have lower opinions of than 'used car salesmen'). Yet... this is the coldest year on record. Fact. And that alone blasts ALL the predictions and fears and climate models straight into the trashcan. You have to remember the predictions from 5-10 years ago! By now we were to have boiled away the oceans and killer hurricanes would have ravaged the whole eastern coast into oblivion (funny, we've not had a hurricane for 3 years).

By now, it should be abundantly clear... All of this global warming crap (and I mean crap) can be distilled into one phrase: "the politics of fear". Fear makes money. Fear gets votes. Fear promotes grants.

End of story.

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