Tuesday, July 31, 2007 

New York Times Runs to the Rescue of (Dr?) Heidi Cullen

The NYTimes recently ran an article in the defense of Dr. Heidi Cullen on the Weather Channel. Before we start though, understand that if the New York Times writes an article like this you can probably rest assured then that Cullen is most likely a political tool in need of defending.

You may recall that Dr. Cullen speaks out from the Weather Channel that we are in the death grips of man created global warming. She essentially parrots Al Gore's Earth in the Balance nonsense while parading about with questionable credentials.

To be sure, she is NOT a climatologist as she claims, as the Weather Channel claims, as the New York Times claims. On a personal note, I probably have more anecdotal experience and meteorological/climatological education than she'll ever have. But this isn't about me or the thousands of REAL meteorologists and climatologists out there that REALLY disagree with Cullen. This is about Cullen and her facades as a researcher. She majored in religion for her undergraduate degree (where's the science?). She has no Masters Degree. Her doctorate is from a matchbook cover school in which she did one research paper on droughts. But the NYTimes now claims it's from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. Wow... revisionism at its best since this is not what earlier web biographies stated! Anyway - Ta Da! One research project makes her an expert in climatology? I think not. Not by a long shot.

So what is the bottom line here?

First, the Weather Channel has gone political. As a sibling of CNN, they've taken on a full left tilt fully and outrageously in blind support of Al Gore's mythologies. Secondly, the Weather Channel hired on some new bosses - directly from CNN. I would assume their political mindset went with them (and it shows). Third, the Weather Channel has become stupid. With such gems as "Animal Storm Stories", and their bland incorrect and wildly inaccurate predictions peppered with such descriptions of storms as "Wild", "Extreme", "Pounding", and even "Angry"... they've become the bastard step child of the National Inquirer with their blatant sensationalism. And that's insulting to the National Inquirer.

So, is Heidi Cullen a credible source of climatological information as she spews dire warnings about global warming? Not according to thousands of REAL climatologists and meteorologists. But, since Cullen has become the global warming goddess, any dissension about her comments are now taken as heresy. Hence, the New York Times to the rescue. And we all know they're a politically neutral source of news.... NOT!!!

If you wish, here is the NYT article link: click HERE.

Thursday, July 26, 2007 

Al "Junk Science" Gore

Well, it's finally beginning to be understood. Globally.

Al Gore is a not a scientist (despite his wanting to pass himself off as one). Heck, he's not even a lawyer (failed the Bar Exam). He never got more than "C"s or lower in college and he's a pathological liar ("I invented the internet", "Love Story is about me").

Al's self-delusional pseudosciences have been causing equally gullible cities to make stupid decisions. Cities have been basing executive directions on Gore's junk science.

Such is the sentiment of Andy Wells, the mayor of St. John's in Newfoundland, Canada.

"I think there's a lot of junk science out there that's masquerading as true science,'' the mayor told CanWest News Service, "and I think as a consequence public agencies and organizations such as municipal councils are making stupid decisions."

Click HERE for the full story

Friday, July 20, 2007 


I received a nice note from a Blog visitor about a site called "eredux.com". A superbly crafted site, it maps out state populations vs carbon dioxide emissions per capita and overall totals. The idea is to show you what state emits the most carbon dioxide (or the kinder more gentler "carbon footprint").

I suppose I could use this site to determine which states have the most heavy industry, or which states inhabitants are the most evil in terms of "giving off" carbon dioxide. But I won't.

You see, the whole premise is wrong. This site, and all those who maintain that CO2 is an evil gas, are just, well, how do I say it... wrong. Misguided and ignorant of facts. Hysterical.

If they're REALLY looking for a greenhouse causing culprit, they need to consider METHANE first. CO2? This is not a bad thing if you understand how photosynthesis works. "Plant life" does a good job in maintaining a usable balance between our O2 needs and the CO2 needs of the plant kingdom.

So, in my final analysis... ERedux is just another shill for the "Gorites".

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 

Cold or Hot? Which is it?

For the first time, the VERY FIRST time in 89 years... it has snowed in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires. Click here.

Now, if you are like me, you automatically associate the "global warming" myth with warmth. Right? I mean, that's what the word "warming" means. And if you again are like me, you will be associating the opposite of warm, with cold. If it's not warm, or hot, or even temperate, then it's cool, or cold. Maybe even freezing or frigid.

Notice how the words "cold" and "warm" are even spelled differently. One starts with a "c", the other starts with a letter all the way on the opposite side of the alphabet. The "w" is the fourth from the last letter; the "c" is the third from the front. Totally different letters in the world of the alphabet. Yes yes, I know, these words could still be confusing since they both have four letters. And I suppose you're right... if you were to ingest drugs, you could even imagine that the "w" is really a "c" that has fallen on it's back with it's tongue hanging out. So ok, I'll grant you that some people might find it hard to distinguish a "c" from a "w". And therefore, "cold" from "warm".

One more issue we have to work through. I will tell you a secret and you really have to take this on faith... ok? It snows ONLY when it's cold. Never once in the history of the whole universe has it ever snowed when it was warm or hot.

So... if global warming is here, as the sadly ill people claim, then why is it SNOWING (I'm shouting here, can you tell) WHERE IT HASN'T SNOWED for ALMOST 90 FREAKIN' YEARS?

OK, here's another secret. Promise you won't tell? OK. Shhhh... Here it is...
ok ok, shhh... there is no global warming.


Environmentalist RFK Jr Goes Insane

You're all aware by now of the Live Earth concerts... those entertainment concerts that were intending to raise awareness of global warming while sadly using more energy than a small city. During one of those concerts, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (yes, another Kennedy) stood up to the microphone and said: "Get rid of all these rotten politicians that we have in Washington, who are nothing more than corporate toadies." OK, well, I'm OK with that, except that it would empty out Washington completely.

In reference to politicians that are skeptical of the global warming myth, RFK Jr. then shouts until he is hoarse, "This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors." Oh Lord. Is 'Global Warming' not embarrassing enough for America? First, we've ditched science for a pseudo-religion created by Al Gore. Now we have a drug addled moron shouting that anyone that does NOT believe in Al Gore, and his global warming myths, is a traitor. OMG. As I've said before, the book burnings are next as this ill segment of humanity throws tantrum after tantrum spewing wacko beliefs based on the new messiah named Al Gore. Who, by the way, never held a job and is the son of a communist colluding disgrace. (Yeah? Go to WIKI and read for yourselves). Anyway... click here for the sad story of a mentally ill group of people with too much time on their hands.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 

Humans Now Accused of Using Up Too Much Sunlight

First, excuse me while I try to stop laughing... OK OK... I've stopped now. Bwaahhhaa No I haven't... this is just too rich!

OK, here it is... An agriculture professor at the University of Melbourne, Snow Barlow, said "humans were taking up too much of an important natural resource."

She continued, saying that we were grabbing up too much sunlight and not sharing it. "We're probably being a bit greedy", she concluded.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA - yes folks, you too can be a professor and still be completely out of your mind.

Click HERE for this tale of terror.

Sunday, July 01, 2007 

Gore and His Climate of Fear

"Gore claims the snowcap atop Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro is shrinking and that global warming is to blame. Yet according to the November 23, 2003, issue of Nature magazine, "Although it's tempting to blame the ice loss on global warming, researchers think that deforestation of the mountain's foothills is the more likely culprit. Without the forests' humidity, previously moisture-laden winds blew dry. No longer replenished with water, the ice is evaporating in the strong equatorial sunshine."

Gore is purposefully linking fear and politics... he is truly an alarmist while placing himself on the pedestal of "savior". He is truly a madman!

Click HERE for the article.