Monday, October 19, 2009 

Coldest Summer in Decades

"With a summer like this, you can`t tell my Dad there`s global warming. I think Al Gore and his group should be out here and tell us about this global warming stuff. I think he might have a change of mind. We`ve had a cool July,” says Orlan Dreyer, Willow City Farmer.

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Most Temperature Measuring Stations Out Of Calibration

This is a damning indictment of Al Gore's pet theories.
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Bloomberg: Coldest in Decade

The U.S. Northeast may have the coldest winter in a decade...

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More Record Cold...

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What Happens When You Dare Question The Great Gore

Watch this video...

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Global Records Being Smashed - For Cold Weather

Do I really need to say it? Are you that dense, or that stubborn? There is NO global warming. Al Gore is wrong. Thousands of meteorologists are right. There is NO GLOBAL WARMING. Of course, this is a free nation, so far, and you are still able to believe in global warming, hollow or flat earths, alien abductions, chemtrails, and no doubt Big Foot lives in your garden out back. But, you are just plain wrong, or ignorant, misguided, or hysterical. Or all of these. Take your pick.

The Earth is NOT warming up but has been, in fact, cooling since 1998. There are recurring cycles in nature... this has nothing to do with Al Gore (definitely NOT a scientist, and uh, he never even passed his BAR exam).

Here is another news story - record cold levels nationally.

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Shock - Early Snows Disprove Al Gore's Global Warming

It's the middle of October in New York. We're less than a month into fall, so dig out those hats, scarves, and what … snow shovels? Yes - records again broken with the cold and snow.

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Drop In Earth's Temperature

Official, the Earth has been cooling since 1998. Official government measurements show that the world's temperature has cooled since reaching its most recent peak in 1998.

Now, don't you radical Gorites feel silly? Putting your scientific faith and trust into a sleazy politician?

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Whoops - 2009, Coldest July On Record

Have you left your air conditioner in the closet this summer, and worn long pants more often than shorts? If so, you may not be surprised to find out that Chicago is seeing its coldest July in more than 65 years.

This is NOT global warming.

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BBC - Whoops, Earth Not Warming After All

Despite a massive campaign involving the United Nations and most of the world’s industrialized nations and establishment media, the globe is not warming but in fact may actually be cooling, according to new research detailed by the BBC.

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August 2009 - Record COLD Everywhere

Contrary to 'failed lawyer' Al Gore's pet theory about climate change (which we all know to be absurd since the climate is ALWAYS in flux), the world is cooling, not warming. Take your pick, you can put your trust in s sleazy, smarmy, greasy haired, used car salesman named Al Gore who claims hysterically that the Earth is boiling away because of YOU, or you can believe in that imminent scientist, Carl Sagan, who worried that the Earth would be cooling.

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Gordon Brown Says We Only Have 50 Days To Live

Gordon Brown said negotiators had 50 days to save the world from global warming... Is Brown insane for predicting the end of life on Earth? Yes. Clearly insane.

PM warns of climate imminent 'catastrophe'... unless we do what he says. And of course, we've heard this little refrain echoed through history, haven't we? Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Obama, Gore... demigods threatening wrath if we do not do what they say we should do. Amazing...

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