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Monday, October 19, 2009

Global Records Being Smashed - For Cold Weather

Do I really need to say it? Are you that dense, or that stubborn? There is NO global warming. Al Gore is wrong. Thousands of meteorologists are right. There is NO GLOBAL WARMING. Of course, this is a free nation, so far, and you are still able to believe in global warming, hollow or flat earths, alien abductions, chemtrails, and no doubt Big Foot lives in your garden out back. But, you are just plain wrong, or ignorant, misguided, or hysterical. Or all of these. Take your pick.

The Earth is NOT warming up but has been, in fact, cooling since 1998. There are recurring cycles in nature... this has nothing to do with Al Gore (definitely NOT a scientist, and uh, he never even passed his BAR exam).

Here is another news story - record cold levels nationally.

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