Monday, March 29, 2010 

Germans Tell Al Gore To Take A Hike

Germans discredit GLOBAL WARMING after terribly cold and harsh winter...
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 

Gore Blames Winter On Global Warming

The jerk just won't give up. Since he's staked his future $$ billions on the myth of GLOBAL WARMING, Al Gore has been having a tough time. His screeching doom-speak has been falling on deaf ears now that the gist of the whole conspiracy has been revealed and debunked. Rightly so. So what does Al do? He ratchets up the DOOM-SPEAK. Now, amazingly, he is blaming WINTER on Global Warming.

And most likely, he will be blaming SUMMER heat on Global Warming. Like he does every year. But alas, Al, people aren't as stupid as you wish they were. We recognize that the climate has ALWAYS been changing - it is not a static thing. That's NORMAL and it's been happening long before humans arrived on the scene.

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So, as usual, we can expect Al Gore to warn us the heat in summer is DOOM DOOM DOOM, and hurricanes in hurricane season mean DOOM DOOM DOOM, and snow and wind in winter is DOOM DOOM DOOM.

Enough already. Go back to your Tennessee million dollar mansions and just shut up.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 

Scotland - Very Cold With Heavy Snow

Scotland has experienced its heaviest snow in a long time... it's cold with blowing snow.

Global Warming - NOT.

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Spain - Coldest In 25 Years

"Schools were closed, roads were blocked and power was knocked as Barcelona was hit with its heaviest snowfall in 25 years."

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Monday, March 08, 2010 

Freakish COLD and SNOW in Southern France

A very sharp blast of cold air hit southern France on Monday, March 8. With the unusually cold weather came almost 40 cm of snow. "Such snowfall is "exceptional", especially at the beginning of March, according to national weather bureau Météo France", reports RFI.

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And in case you are not comprehending the significance of this, I would remind you that warm is NOT spelled with a "C", and an "O", and a "L", and a "D". But just in case you were confused: There IS NO global warming. There IS global cooling.

By the way - we do NOT receive ANY grant money or gratuities or pay for what we bring to you here (quite unlike the grant-sucking, fear-mongering, politically-motivated, Al-Gore-Loving, BMW driving, fancy salaried, pseudo-scientists).

Thank you and stay warm.

Sunday, March 07, 2010 

The Fight Is On...

Discredited climate scientists now plan to ATTACK their critics and anyone skeptical of their nonsense. Simply amazing...

Instead of doing research, these "scientists" are planning PR campaigns to DISCREDIT anyone skeptical of their ALREADY discredited work. So, perhaps their title of "scientist" does a great disservice to anyone actually doing REAL research. As far as I'm concerned, if these pseudo-intellectuals cannot support their "mythology" with spotless and OPEN research without resorting to manipulating the data, then they are liars and snake oil salesmen simply maneuvering for grant money. And that is EXACTLY what they are. JUST LIKE their lord and guru, Al Gore (the head sleaze artist).

Anyone that lifts a finger to DISCREDIT skepticism, or to attack the open search for the truth (and I do not mean their version of some kind of political consensus) belongs in Joseph Stalin's league of dictators - they are NOT scientists.

And anyone that says "the science is settled" is a LIAR.

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Gore - Now Claims Conspiracy

This is just choice... Al Gore now claims that anyone that disagrees with him or his cronies is simply part of a giant conspiracy to discredit him. Right Al. You idiot. It is science itself that is discrediting you.

Folks, I'll say it again... Al Gore is literally pedaling fear to make billions of dollars. How foolish will you be?

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