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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

James Hansen - NASA Fruitcake

NASA Scientist, James Hansen, hates democracy. He loves a good dictatorship. Oh wait... he's one of Al Gore's best friends. That might explain a lot.

"James Hansen's anti-democracy rants were published while he was on a November junket in China, but they didn't get much attention until recently." What is most odd is that Hansen now says the fate of the climate is in the hands of the Chinese now. He says the Chinese are "the 'best hope' to save the world from global warming."


They'll throw his rear end in jail and that will be the end of it. If Hansen had a brain in his head he'd know that the Chinese are the number one polluters in the world - building coal powered power stations at a rate of one per week and they DO NOT HAVE an EPA shoving rules down their throats.

This is clearly an old Marxist off his rocker. Why NASA keeps him aboard, well, you can check with Hussein Obama on that one.


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