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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coldest Weather In History

The UK is now experiencing the coldest weather in their recorded history! CLICK HERE. What this clearly and simply indicates is very elementary (That means "simple" for those of you who aren't smart enough to comprehend).

There is NO FLIPPIN' GLOBAL WARMING. If anything at all... there is GLOBAL COOLING.

Mankind has little or NO effect on weather, on climate, on ocean currents, on temperature. On the other hand, the sun, the interstellar medium, and volcanism has EVERYTHING to do with climate and weather and temperature. And guess what!? You, me, all of us, have NO ZERO NADA NIL ZIP control over that.

Anyone that tries to tell you differently is either 1) gullible and uneducated, or 2) has a Marxist agenda. Take your pick.

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