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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Apparently Russian Scientists Did Not Get Al Gore Memo

Apparently, the Russians (those rascals) either did not get, or simply ignored, Al Gore's urgent warning memo that the Earth was boiling away and that we are all doomed to die the horrible burning and charring fate of GLOBAL WARMING. Worse, we would all die from 4th degree burns if we did not give Al Gore millions of dollars - right now!

The Russians are warning that the Earth is heading into a new ice age. Click HERE.

Hmmm... let's see. Russian SCIENTIST. Al Gore NOT SCIENTIST. Decisions decisions... who do I believe?

If I trust my OWN senses, it's getting colder each year. And, two weeks from June, it's pretty flippin' cold out right now and it's NEVER been this cold before.

I suppose, as usual, the libtard Marxists will try to explain this COOLING as WARMING. So typical. And I suppose they would have me believe that up is down, left is right, white is black, and of course, cold is WARMING.

Such dangerous fruitcakes... ugh!!!

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