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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Al Gore NOT Worried About His Mythological Rising Sea Levels

Al Gore rants and raves about how we will ALL be consumed by rising sea levels. He warns and he threatens - we'll ALL DIE from the rising sea. Probably next year if we don't do what he demands us to do... It will be horrible, and quick, and for sure, he says.

So you think Al Gore is worried about rising sea levels? You really think so?

That's funny.

Then why did he just purchase a huge sea side, ocean view villa in Montecito? CLICK HERE.

This is just too rich, too absurd. Of course the sea levels are NOT rising and of course you are NOT in danger. Neither is he, and he knows it. What's really tragic is that he purchased this $9 million dollar beach front property and mansion with money he made selling you a load of crap. And you bought it.

He has done the equivalent of selling you the Brooklyn Bridge... and you bought it, hook, line, and sinker. Global Warming... rising sea levels... ALL FEAR MONGERING.

The politics of fear and the money from the panic machine...

Wake up.

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