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Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Fight Is On...

Discredited climate scientists now plan to ATTACK their critics and anyone skeptical of their nonsense. Simply amazing...

Instead of doing research, these "scientists" are planning PR campaigns to DISCREDIT anyone skeptical of their ALREADY discredited work. So, perhaps their title of "scientist" does a great disservice to anyone actually doing REAL research. As far as I'm concerned, if these pseudo-intellectuals cannot support their "mythology" with spotless and OPEN research without resorting to manipulating the data, then they are liars and snake oil salesmen simply maneuvering for grant money. And that is EXACTLY what they are. JUST LIKE their lord and guru, Al Gore (the head sleaze artist).

Anyone that lifts a finger to DISCREDIT skepticism, or to attack the open search for the truth (and I do not mean their version of some kind of political consensus) belongs in Joseph Stalin's league of dictators - they are NOT scientists.

And anyone that says "the science is settled" is a LIAR.

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