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Friday, February 12, 2010

Rome Gripped In COLD Snap - Heaviest Snow In Over 25 Years

So the cold weather has gone global. As if we didn't know. Rome has had some of the coldest weather and heaviest snowfall in a quarter century.

There are two blaring lessons in this event. First, Rome had heavy snowfall instead of rain because is was COLDER than what they normally experience. The optimal word at work here is COLDER. Not warmer. Not hotter. Second, because Rome has actually had snowfall like this in the past (25 years ago or so) you can easily see that this is not a record breaking event. This simply highlights that weather is cyclic, climate is cyclic, and it isn't really any more "extreme" now than it was then.

Certainly, I will agree with the eco-terrorists as they scream, in desperation, that a single event does not make a trend. But this is not a single event. Rome had snow like this 25 years ago. Further, Rome had snow many more times prior to that. Point is, this long term trend is not indicative of global warming. Rather, it clearly indicates that weather is variable and some years may be warmer than others. Some years may be cooler than others.

If you suspect that global warming is melting the glaciers and causing ocean levels to rise (neither are happening by the way) and causing global temperatures to rise and spiral out of control, then the chances of snow (like this) in Rome should be approaching zero. Yet here we are - snow in Rome. Just as heavy as it was 25 years ago. Bottom line analysis: the weather is the weather and there exists no evidence of anything outside of the normal, long term, variations.

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For those that wish desperately to put their faith in the NOW DISCREDITED climatologists (Dr. Heidi Cullen), politicians (Al Gore), fruitcakes (Art Bell), and eco-terrorists (Democratic Party), ask yourself one simple thing. If our best and brightest scientists, super computers, weather models, satellites, and resources cannot tell you with any accuracy what the weather will be like in 5 days, how do you suppose they can claim the world is getting warmer and will boil away in 20 years?

Answer: they can't.

Stop being stupid. It's about fear and money.

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