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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Show Gets Better By The Week - Pop Your Popcorn And Pull Up A Seat

How very entertaining. Just when you thought you knew left from right, or up from down, the New York Times is trying to straighten us out and tell us that COLD and SNOW is the result of HEAT and WARMING.

Can we get any more absurd? Really? Can the propaganda get any deeper?

Just when the world has learned of the massive lies and the incredible cover-ups that were orchestrated to 'support' the political myth of Global Warming, along comes the New York Times to tell us that all those "lies" and all that "bad science" were just our imagination. They're now asserting that all the cold and snow and bad weather is not just winter, but the HORRIBLE result of GLOBAL WARMING. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Memo to New York Times:

"Move on will you! We've debunked the Global Warming Myth. Al Gore was wrong. Art Bell was wrong. Scientists are resigning in disgrace. It was bad science, political agenda, and "profiting from fear" at work all along. We have the proof. We have the evidence. There is NO Global Warming problem. Get a life and stop thinking that we're idiots. Thank you."

To view this elitist, arrogant, absurd article, click HERE.

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