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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow In All 50 US States

Snow in all 50 states translates, literally, to COLD AND FREEZING in all 50 states.

That, in turn, means it is NOT WARM, in every state.

Meaning, there is NO ECO-NAZI GLOBAL WARMING trend. There is only normal weather cycles and normal weather variations. As there has always been. As there will always be. End of story.

Move along. Nothing to this Global Warming nonsense.

The climate freaks and eco-nazis would have you believe otherwise. They are now desperately trying to "condition" you to believe that COLD is the result of WARM.

Please think for half a second and you will realize this is absurdity to the nth degree. They are desperate in their "architecting of fear" and would have you believe that right is left, up is down, and cold is warm. You decide.

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