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Saturday, January 01, 2011

5 + 3 = 12 ? No!

A simple logical lesson!

1 <> 2. yet 1 = 1. 2 = 2.

A <> B.

"D" + "C" + "O" + "L" does not equal "A" + "M" + "R" + "W".

"5 + 3" does not equal "13".

"Left" is not "Right".

"UP" is the opposite of "DOWN"

"BLACK" is the opposite of "WHITE"

"COLD" is the opposite of "GLOBAL WARMING" (which has been conveniently renamed to CLIMATE CHANGE never minding the fact that climate has always been changing and will always change whether humanity is around or not).

COLDEST TEMPS in recorded history this week: CLICK HERE

There is NO global warming! Close out the political, Marxist, Al Gore propaganda... look outside. Believe your own eyes! STOP allowing "them" to tell you what to think!

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