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Friday, July 20, 2007


I received a nice note from a Blog visitor about a site called "eredux.com". A superbly crafted site, it maps out state populations vs carbon dioxide emissions per capita and overall totals. The idea is to show you what state emits the most carbon dioxide (or the kinder more gentler "carbon footprint").

I suppose I could use this site to determine which states have the most heavy industry, or which states inhabitants are the most evil in terms of "giving off" carbon dioxide. But I won't.

You see, the whole premise is wrong. This site, and all those who maintain that CO2 is an evil gas, are just, well, how do I say it... wrong. Misguided and ignorant of facts. Hysterical.

If they're REALLY looking for a greenhouse causing culprit, they need to consider METHANE first. CO2? This is not a bad thing if you understand how photosynthesis works. "Plant life" does a good job in maintaining a usable balance between our O2 needs and the CO2 needs of the plant kingdom.

So, in my final analysis... ERedux is just another shill for the "Gorites".

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