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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cold or Hot? Which is it?

For the first time, the VERY FIRST time in 89 years... it has snowed in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires. Click here.

Now, if you are like me, you automatically associate the "global warming" myth with warmth. Right? I mean, that's what the word "warming" means. And if you again are like me, you will be associating the opposite of warm, with cold. If it's not warm, or hot, or even temperate, then it's cool, or cold. Maybe even freezing or frigid.

Notice how the words "cold" and "warm" are even spelled differently. One starts with a "c", the other starts with a letter all the way on the opposite side of the alphabet. The "w" is the fourth from the last letter; the "c" is the third from the front. Totally different letters in the world of the alphabet. Yes yes, I know, these words could still be confusing since they both have four letters. And I suppose you're right... if you were to ingest drugs, you could even imagine that the "w" is really a "c" that has fallen on it's back with it's tongue hanging out. So ok, I'll grant you that some people might find it hard to distinguish a "c" from a "w". And therefore, "cold" from "warm".

One more issue we have to work through. I will tell you a secret and you really have to take this on faith... ok? It snows ONLY when it's cold. Never once in the history of the whole universe has it ever snowed when it was warm or hot.

So... if global warming is here, as the sadly ill people claim, then why is it SNOWING (I'm shouting here, can you tell) WHERE IT HASN'T SNOWED for ALMOST 90 FREAKIN' YEARS?

OK, here's another secret. Promise you won't tell? OK. Shhhh... Here it is...
ok ok, shhh... there is no global warming.

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