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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dear Ms. Environmentalist...

Let me take a few moments to issue this memo for record. To wit: China has surpassed every other country on Earth in CO2 emissions. Now, whether you consider this a real threat or not (and this is debatable according to most scientists), let us consider this simply a measurement. You can decide for yourself whether you think CO2 is a pollutant (plant life would disagree with you if you do).

It is quite odd then that I do not see the "environmentalists" taking China (or India) to task for emitting massive amounts of CO2. Quite the opposite, weirdly enough. This morning, John Ashton of the UK Foreign Office says: "There was no point blaming China for rising global CO2 emissions. Rich nations had to set an example of low-carbon development for China to follow." What? WHAT???

So, let me get this straight... no matter what, it is still the fault of the United States according to Mr. Ashton. China and India have a FREE PASS to continue emitting CO2 and the US is still held accountable?

This is crazy.

And then, like China is some kind of juvenile idiot society that requires the good graces and brains of the US and the UK to guide it... Mr. Ashton blames the US and UK for "making" China emit CO2. "Setting the example" Mr. Ashton calls it.

Earth to Ashton... CQ CQ

First, China is a society that predates the UK (and the US of course) by thousands of years. Second: China is STILL (ready for this?) A... Communist Nation. Third: They are the worlds manufacturers - and we are NOT (anymore). Fourth: their pupils in college are becoming engineers and scientists. Ours are becoming sales people. Yes, it is STILL called "RED" China, for a reason. It's a communist country with some kind of weird centralized control; it is NOT a free market. Although admittedly it is moving in that direction quickly. So, pray tell Ashton, what have WE to do with setting examples to China? The only factual thing I can think of concerning China is that we have SOLD OUT to CHINA. Click HERE for the article.

But, I digress. Back to the environment. Did you know China is building TWO POWER PLANTS a WEEK? Click HERE. Something has to drive all this manufacturing. And we're not even talking about India yet. So...

Just WHERE ARE the environmentalists now? Well, they're still blaming America. Busted! Because they are NOT really environmentalists; in my opinion they are anarchists or communists. Goal: tear down the US. This is easy to see because if they were REALLY interested in the environment, they'd have gone after China and India a long time ago. They didn't, and they aren't. Busted!

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