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Friday, June 26, 2009

Ten Known Factors For Climate Change

The "POSITION OF THE GEOLOGICAL SCIENCE COMMITTEE OF THE POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES ON THE THREAT OF GLOBAL WARMING", published in 2009 by the Polish Academy of Science, gives us ten ordinary, known, expected reasons for climate change. Not that this is a surprise. Our climate has never been static. Ever.

For those working every day in their air-conditioned offices, in the middle of a "heat island" of a concrete city, going home in their air-conditioned cars or buses or subways, and living in their air-conditioned homes or apartments... you could hardly be blamed for thinking the world was heating up to intolerable temperatures. You don't know, or you forgot, what a real natural summertime is like anymore. It's HOT. It always was HOT. It always will be HOT.

Yet... scientists know that even in that cycle of seasons, there are variations in our climate. Of the hundreds of factors (many we're unaware of yet) that exist, the Polish Academy of Sciences has kindly identified ten influences to climate.

Ahhh... Climate Change. A natural, expected, ordinary, thing. And guess what...? SUVs are not on the list.

Click HERE for the Polish Academy of Sciences White Paper

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