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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Sun's Irradiance Is Lower Than Normal

NASA is tracking the brightness of the sun. And, it just isn't as bright as it normally should be. To make this simple for us to understand, sun brightness equals sun heat. Less bright, less heat. Less sun heat, less Earth heat. Less Earth heat - NO GLOBAL WARMING.

By golly, that jives with other reports that the global temperatures are really less this year than in previous years. And, in case you hadn't immediately noticed... there is an obvious radiance cycle in this chart. The sun gets bright (and warms the Earth a bit more) and the sun gets dimmer (and the Earth cools a bit more).

Hmmm... you don't think that the sun has anything to do with climate change do you? Well obviously, the answer is a resounding YES. Duh!

Most amazingly, we did not built an SUV large enough to cause the sun to act this way. It's called... nature.

To track the sun's radiance yourself, click HERE.

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