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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

India Tells Al Gore To Stuff A Sock In His Pie Hole

Indian scientists are refuting and planning to ignore the United States call for Cap and Trade (cap and tax). Or should I say... the Al-Gorite nazi-environmentalist demands for Cap and Tax. Scientists, after examining the data, find no global warming trends and therefore have advised the Indiana government that it's a myth. And it is. Even Carl Sagan (oh gosh, a real scientist) warned of global COOLING, not warming.

It's Al Gore, and his communist KGB pals, that cooked up this lie. Millions of gullible ignorant Americans have bought into this. And the Obots (Obamanites) have decided to push this agenda of Al Gore's.

Click HERE for the story.

Doubt what I say about Al Gore? Do a web search on Al Gore's association with Armand Hammer (a top Soviet Agent and close Gore family friend). Decide for yourself.

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