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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inconvenient Truth: It's All About The Money

Dummy Up America... global warming is as big a scam as the one Bernie Madoff came up with. To be specific, the global warming myth is all about the redistribution of wealth in the world. Click HERE for the news article with the details.

Then, for your reading pleasure, do a little research on Al Gore and his family associations.

Did you know that after all that finger pointing Al Gore did of George Bush... accusing Bush of being an 'oil man'... that it was really Al Gore that was the oil man? Do yourself a favor, look up "Occidental Petroleum" and "Al Gore" on the web.

Then look up "Armand Hammer" and "Al Gore".

Suddenly - very many things begin to make sense...

I'll even help you...

Click HERE for starters...

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