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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Global Warming Hysteria - Has This Happened Before?

In reflecting upon the current Global Warming hysteria I have come to understand the role of Grant Money in this mix. Recall this brief history if you will.
  • Al Gore barely graduates from college - with a low C, or high D average.
  • Al Gore fails the Bar Exam and never becomes a real lawyer.
  • Al Gore claims that the novel, Love Story, is all about him. The author denies it.
  • Al Gore, the son of a politician and part owner of Occidental Petroleum, becomes Vice President.
  • Al Gore holds the purse strings to most all federal grant money and declares himself a science guru.
  • Al Gore decides to take over the US Navy Observatory in Washington DC and make it his home. Like he's some kind of astronomer scientist or something...
  • Al Gore invents the internet. All of humanity (except for the liberals in the media) snickers and begins to understand that Al Gore is insane.
  • Al Gore writes a book claiming that the Earth will boil away very shortly, and it's all our fault.
  • Grant money insures a predictable response from recipients.
And so, I would direct your attention this supurb article: Click HERE

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