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Monday, February 26, 2007

"An Inconvenient Truth" is nominated for an Academy Award

And monkeys just flew out my butt!

Al Gore was asked, while on stage, by actor Leonardo DiCaprio (another genius scientists with a PhD - NOT) whether he had a "major, major announcement to the world here tonight," Al Gore hesitated a moment and and then pulled out a piece of paper (an apparently prepared statement) to read.

"Since being up here, you've been very convincing," he told the audience of acturds and axestresses. "Even though I honestly had not planned on doing this, I guess with a billion people watching, it's as good as time as any. So, my fellow Americans, I'm going to take this opportunity right here and now to formally announce my intention..."

Then suddenly the band started playing - loudly - urgently - drowning out the rest of his words...

Talk about self-centered egocentric maniacs! "A message to the world"... Al, I hate to break this to you but a billion people were NOT watching, the world was NOT watching. Humanity had a lot better things to do with their lives than waste an evening watching vain egocentric empty-headed word memorizers pat each other on the back like they were the center of the universe... And how about the musical BIG HOOK pulling Mr. Gore out of the limelight he so lovingly enjoys. A nice touch...

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