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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Science Fiction Academy Award

It is thought that Al Gore will win an Academy Award this week for his pseudo-documentary movie: An Inconvenient Truth. In case you haven't seen the movie, the overall gist is that the world is boiling away, all the ice is melting, the oceans will rise and flood us all, and we're all gonna die. All because of humanity and their SUVs. Of course, you must try to remember that the Academy Awards are not a scientific peer review body. They're actresses and actors voting on fictional movies in which the actors and actresses "pretend" to be someone else by memorizing scripts of words and then repeating them in front of a camera - let's try to keep this all in perspective.

Sadly though, Mr. Gore (not Professor Gore, or Doctor Gore) tries to portray this movie as factual. Well, in fact, it is nothing but alarmist and hysterical fear mongering. And we must recall how well fear works in a political setting and how well it goes over in a nation that has been dumbed down to a very low denominator.

There is absolutely no science that backs up his assertions. This, despite the insistence of the United Nations that there is science behind this. Of course again, let's keep this in perspective. The United Nations is merely a body of thugs, thieves, rapists, and third world marxist dictators wishing nothing less than the collapse of the United States.

One piece of "science" used by Mr. Gore is a finding published in SCIENCE magazine: "According to satellite data published in Science in November 2005, Greenland was losing about 25 cubic miles of ice per year. Dividing that by 630,000 yields the annual percentage of ice loss, which, when multiplied by 100, shows that Greenland was shedding ice at 0.4 percent per century." Well, this by itself, if taken in context, is really not a lot. But, the REAL inconvenient truth (are you listening here Mr. Gore?) is that in February of 2007, SCIENCE published ANOTHER article showing that the acceleration of ice loss in Greenalnd had now reversed. Ice is once again building rapidly.

What is behind Mr. Gore's fear mongering? I can tell you in one word: politics. Politics of the worst kind... playing upon the imaginary fears of millions of uneducated peoples. This is the FEAR of the new ECO-NAZI's (having replaced the Communist Party -yes, you wondered where they had gone to? They're here still).

Please CLICK HERE to read a revealing article from the Nation Review

[Thanks Mr. Chaos]

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