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Friday, February 23, 2007

Hurricane Expert Pooh-Poohs Global Warming

2005: Five of seven major hurricanes made landfall and brought damages of well over 100 billion dollars of damage. You recall the names: Katrina, Dennis, Wilma, Rita and Emily. All fierce storms. Click HERE for a map of the 2005 season.

You then will easily remember the cries of how Global Warming are to blame. You will remember the dire predictions that "because of Global Warming, the 2006 hurricane season would be worse yet". Al Gore affirmed this to be true. Scores of media climatology "experts" insisted that all their models were indeed confirming that 2006 would be so much worse. Because of Global Warming. Because of mankind.

Well, the next "deadly" year came and went - with a whimper. No hurricanes came ashore. For those that bow to Al Gore's half baked theory, I'll state it in easy to understand terms: Nada, Zip, none, zero, 0, empty set, no way, zilch. Only four hurricanes gained a goodly amount of strength at all. Click HERE for the 2006 season map.

Yet again, we have direct evidence that the Global Warming "models" in use are politically skewed and do not resemble science. This should serve as a lesson, you would think. We simply CANNOT conclude that the Global Warming myth is valid. Especially when so many computer and climate models were outright wrong.

Dr. Chris Landsea, the Science and Operations Director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami has stated that the idea that global warming is causing an increase in hurricanes "is wrong and the statistics don't bear it out".

Of course, if you try to shine light on the truth, using science that is not funded by special interest grant money, you will be branded as a HERETIC. I fully expect a return to the Dark Ages is next... complete with lynchings and hate crime charges for the "anti-global warming" sinners.

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