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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Environmental Hypocrits

If the environmental hysteria was real... and not just a political ploy... wouldn't you think that the leading critics would be leaders?

Robert F Kennedy Jr: Receiving royalty payments for participation in two family-owned oil drilling companies. Click HERE for reference.

Al Gore: According to Nashville Electrical Service records, Mr. Gore's Tennessee home uses TWENTY TIMES the level of electricity that a "normal" Tennessee home uses. They used, in this one home, a total of 191,100 kilowatt hours in 2006. This is an ENORMOUS energy waste. Click HERE for the source. In addition, Mr. Gore is part owner of one of the world's largest oil drilling and petroleum companies: Occidental Petroleum. Click HERE for reference. Funny, I thought George Bush was the 'oil baron'?

Welcome... to the "Politics of Fear"!

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