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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Robert F. Kennedy Jr - Heroin Addict

Well, here we go again. Yet another Democratic political figure, who also happens to be a Kennedy, and coincidentally a convicted heroin user that got out of serving any time (like his Uncle Teddy did after killing a woman) now fancies himself an environmental scientist.

Just for the record, we'll clear up this question about heroin use: " In 1983, he was arrested in a Rapid City South Dakota Airport for heroin possession after being found unconscious in an airplane bathroom with a needle stuck into his arm, a search of his carry-on bag uncovered 183 milligrams of heroin. Upon entering a plea of guilty, Kennedy, then 30 years old was sentenced to two years probation, periodic tests for drug use, treatment by joining Narcotics Anonymous, and 1,500 hours of community service by Presiding Judge Marshall P. Young."

Credit: WikiPedia. Click HERE.
Yeah... this guy has credibility... NOT!
Another drugged out Kennedy whacko out of the woodwork.

Now, RFK Jr (the airplane bathroom boy with heroin needle out of his ass) is ripping President Bush and all those who do not think that global warming is occurring. He states that he believes the nation is living a "science-fiction nightmare" because it hasn't signed the Kyoto Treaty. Well... I have news for RFK Jr. He is in his OWN "science-fiction nightmare" and should not drag the rest of sober clearheaded Americans into his drug hazed drooling stupor. What an idiot.

And even worse... Virgina Tech University paid this moron good money to come and ramble about his drug induced paranoia. Good money gone to bad. What a shame.

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