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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Consensus? I Don't See No Stinking Consensus...

How many people make for a consensus? One "fake" climatologist (Ms. Cullen) on the Weather Channel? Is that consensus? One ex-Vice President who claimed to have created the internet? Is that consensus? One or two vocal and radical Marxist professors? Is that consensus? Three dozen Hollow-wood movies stars and starlets (most who follow some philosophy called "scientology"; a belief that aliens live in our heads and talk to us or something), is that scientific consensus?

Since consensus is what they claim (Ms. Cullen, where are you?), let me GIVE YOU CONSENSUS!!!


There's your consensus... 17,000 scientists that say NO GLOBAL WARMING is occurring.

So, given that... let us then discuss what makes up the "lunatic fringe", shall we?

(Thanks David!)

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