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Monday, April 16, 2007

Global Warming in the Snow

"Planck Time" clarification.

I am all in favor of conservation, I am all in favor of using resources wisely, I am all in favor of doing reasonable things to keep the environment clean and to act responsibly for our children's sake.

On the other hand: I loath the hypocrisy demonstrated by Al Gore and most activist Hollow-Wood movies stars. I loath the hysteria whipped up by do-gooder fools that think they know what is occurring. I loath our educational system in that is it failing us and our children (and this includes parental failure when they emphasis sports over science, or perhaps emphasis nothing at all). I loath scientists that promote global warming because they are political activists, have an agenda, or are chasing grant money. And brother, there are tons of them... they all want a BMW too.

With that said... what a shame that common sense FLEW RIGHT PAST the witless people that were staging global warming protests (now there's a release of hot air for you) this weekend but had to battle the snows and frigid temperatures. Click HERE, and HERE.

Please, don't tell me these people didn't notice how absurd they were!! It's 14 days to May and they're marching in freezing conditions protesting global warming. Folks, I couldn't make this stuff up if I had tried...

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