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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Horrifying Truth

You know who Al Gore is, right? You know what channel American Idol is on, right? You know all about Anna Nicole, right? You know about Global Warming, right? But, do you know what the Upper Pleistocene refers to, or what the Wurm Ice Age is about? Hmmm... that's exactly what I was afraid of.

OK boys and girls... here's a real simple chart (you can click on it to make it bigger):

Notice that wiggly line... thats the temperature of the Earth. I added the red dotted line to show that even IF our temperatures go UP, we have a ways to go before we hit NORMAL. Normally pretty hot and sweltering on this here planet... and look at that, we've just emerged from a series of ice ages (Wurm). And what do you know, it was quite a bit warmer (than now) about 15000 years ago. You can see things cooled off quite rapidly after that period. Which is why you'll only hear about how it's been slowly warming for the last 10000 years... true but not the WHOLE REAL story.

The FIRST THING that should grab your attention is the VARIABILITY and CYCLIC NATURE of temperature - and I can promise you (unlike Al Gore) that there were NO SUV's, FACTORYS, POWER PLANTS, OR BIG CITIES in the Interglacial Ages. This proves, without a doubt, that HUMANS have nothing to DO with any global mean temperatures in any meaningful way. Bottom line: it's been hotter, it's been colder, for lot longer than we can imagine - and you and I had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

The source for this graph: Dunbar, C., and Waage, K. M., 1969, Historical Geology [3rd ed.]: New York, Wiley, p434.

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