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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chump of the Hour

The May edition of Vanity Fair has an article about Leonardo DiCaprio's activist insights and his upcoming film "The 11th Hour", or "We're All Screwed So Give Me Your Money", or "You People Are Repulsive Insects And You'd Better Listen To Me Because I Am An Actor And You Are Not", or was it "My Head Is So Big I Cannot Fit Through The Door And I Pretend To Be Smart Because I Recite Scripts That Others Have Written For Me and I Even Have A Director Telling Me How To Do It Because Basically I'm Rather Useless In The Big Scheme Of Things But You Sure Don't Know That And You Give Me Millions Of Your Dollars - Chumps". Or something along those lines.

Essentially, we're going to be treated to another self-indulgent "We're All Doomed Because of You" movie that will be full of emotion but lacking any scientific substance. Another "science by consensus" sermon.

And along comes Vanity Fair - trumpeting this event like the next coming.

In the article, Leo describes himself as an eco-activist, and he has lots of money, so therefore he is correct (so the twisted logic runs). And since I've just collapsed the gist of the article into one sentence, you can see that I too am amazing in my skills and activist abilities. And I'm smarter and better looking too.

Leo, describing his movie, states "So, we find ourselves on the brink." Personally, I really wish he would stop looking into the mirror and thinking that he is seeing the universe in all it's glory. And stop using the "we" word when he looks at himself. It creeps me out.

He continues "The Hour Is Near". Wow... I've heard preachers use this term. Folks, can you see the parallels here to some new age religion? This is not by accident.

He then continues to say that "It's clear humans have had a devastating impact on our planet's ecological web of life." I note that here again is this 'humans are bad' theme. And again, I call out for Leo to "lead by example"! Put his money where his mouth is and just simply eliminate himself. Show us the way Leo, please lead, please become the martyr for us.

Un-fazed by my plea, Leo continues: "Because we've turned our backs on nature's warning signs, and because our political and corporate leaders have consistently ignored the overwhelming scientific evidence, the challenges we face are that much more difficult."

And here again is science by "movie star consensus". Is there anything more dangerous our egotistical as this? I think not.

As a regular reader of this column, you will have seen entry after entry pointing to some of the world's top scientists stating that global warming is nonsense. This includes their direct quotes and pointers to their body of evidence.

So... it comes down to this: How gullible are you?

Click Here for the Vanity Fair article

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