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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Al Gore Testifies That The Earth Is Burning Away

Al Gore testified today that we face an all out "Planetary Emergency". As part of his testimony, he stated that he knows that the Earth will burn up within 34 years and that all the ice will be gone by then.

"This problem is burning a hole at the top of the world in the ice cover that is one of the principle ways that our planet cools itself," Gore, a former representative and senator, told the House committees. "If it goes, it won't come back on any time scale relevant to the human species." And Gore should know, he invented the internet and gave himself a doctorate in science while he was at it.

To provide absolute proof that global, warming was real, Mr. Gore brought with him boxes filled with 516,000 postcards from people who say they believe in global warming. This is proof that I am right Mr. Gore insinuated with the postcards.

Further, he seemed to warn that if we do not believe him we will all die a horrible death from carbon dioxide.

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