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Thursday, March 22, 2007

You Didn't Think The Communists Just Went Away Did You?

When the Berlin Wall fell... you didn't think that Communists just went away did you?

Perhaps since they no longer teach much about the real world in school, or much about history, I'll briefly state here: Marxists have always wanted to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a central (now global) planning of the whole world. In economics, this is referred to as Command Economics (Collectivism and Totalitarianism) - the opposite of a Market Economy (Democracy and Individualism). Anecdotally, as an undergraduate, I studied under a half dozen Marxist professors (King's College, Cambridge, etc.) while living in the U.K. - so I understand their stance and goals.

Now, fast forward to the present. The Global Warming myth/ideology is preaching earth and nature must be under the slogans of the protection of the like of Al Gore (and friends). Make no mistake, this is a global effort. Make no mistake - this smacks of Marxism. Make no mistake, the central rottenness of the Kyoto Treaty was designed to eliminate the United States as an economic power. Further, this was a concerted effort to redistribute the world's wealth. You will notice that both China and India are exempted from the Treaty's demands - yet they are the world's most devastating polluters. Where is the outcry about that? Where is the outrage from Greenpeace? Where is the outrage from American Journalists? China and India are chugging out more pollution (each) than the United States EVER DID. Is this NOT the greatest danger - if one really existed at all?

Well, you can see clearly that this really has nothing to do with pollution but EVERYTHING to do with tearing down the United States.

By the way... it is indeed curious that Mr. Al Gore claims he can use as much energy as he likes (he testified as much) because it is "green energy". Well, OK, all we have to do is state that we too use "green gas", drive "green SUVs", and use "green electricity" too. Talk about a gangster... Al "Capone" Gore. No leader by example here! So, wake up folks!

And, also... about all that money that China gave to Bill Clinton and Al Gore in the 90's, illegally by the way. I guess it's hard at work now.

And finally, just was Bill Clinton doing in the Kremlin (during the height of the Cold War) at the KGB's invitation, when he was a US flag burner in Oxford, UK?

Discussions on Marxism perhaps?

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