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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Earth Gases Banned

This week, the highest court in the land decided, by a five to four margin, that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. Yes, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that CO2... the very same gas that all plant life on Earth requires... is now bad bad bad and is nothing more than a nasty pollutant.

Sadly, there can be no higher level of "science by consensus". We have reached the pinnacle. The day that politically appointed lawyers dictate what science is and isn't, and what atmospheric gas is "good" and what is "bad", is the day we are quite literally "finished" as an educated society. It can only get worse and go downhill from here.

The court has charged the EPA with the task of 'cleaning the air' of carbon dioxide. To the EPA's credit, they previously refused to categorize (rightly so) CO2 as a pollutant - hence the affirmative action by the court.

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For those unaware... the currently existing levels of CO2 are rather minuscule. I've provided a diagram to demonstrate how much CO2 actually exists in comparison to other gases (such as Argon, Nitrogen, Xenon, etc).

Yes, you can click on this for a bigger picture!

Gasp... look at that nasty Nitrogen!! OK ok, just kidding. But this gives you a feel for what we're talking about.

Carbon dioxide a pollutant? Next they'll be decreeing that oxygen is an oxidizer and is causing us all to rust away. I would have been hard pressed to imagine this kind of madness 20 years ago. Back when schools used to teach science and students actually flunked if they failed their tests.

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