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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Art Bell Hosts Global Warming Hysterics

Art Bell, for those that aren't familiar, much like Al Gore, claims the Earth is boiling away. Unfortunately, for reason's sake, Art Bell has a nighttime radio broadcast that reaches millions of listeners (called "Coast To Coast" on AM radio).

Among Art's usual guests are individuals that claim to "Remote View" a million years into the future, travel through time backwards and forwards, talk to ghosts, travel to UFO motherships courtesy of the "Grays", and are experts of global warming. Most notably, one gentleman named Richard Hoagland lays claims that he is the "Coast to Coast Science Adviser" and makes multiple appearances on the radio show. Mr. Hoagland claims he was awarded science medals, was Carl Sagan's adviser, and writes for Walter Cronkite. None of this is verifiable (ref: Click HERE). However, you get a feel for the kinds of guests and the flavor of the show.

Of course, just like Al Gore, Art too wrote a book called the "Coming Global Superstorm", which he states is the seed for the movie "The Day After". Art also believes in something called "the quickening". Somehow, all of this involves his assertions that global warming is real and we're all going to die and, well, it's all our fault. As you know, Art is a radio talk show host without any scientific training or education. He selectively allows his guests to mimic and bolster his own theories.

Last night, Mr. Bell had yet another "real scientist" on his show affirming that "GLOBAL WARMING WAS REAL and UNDENIABLE"; a statement she kept repeating like a mantra. Despite little proof, despite only her own opinions, this researcher named Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel continued to state "GLOBAL WARMING WAS REAL and UNDENIABLE". You an check a brief bio about here, click here. She is essentially a hydrologist and without doubt knows her stuff in that field. Yet how she suddenly becomes an EXPERT in weather and atmospheric climatology is a stretch. And she continued to discount the research and opinions of REAL Meteorologists, Atmospheric Physicists, and Atmospheric Climatologists that had 50 times her experience. As only a lowly associate professor teaching college, Dr. Ekwurzel immediately threw out the life's work of major players in the field (many you've read about in this blog) with her continued mantra: "GLOBAL WARMING WAS REAL and UNDENIABLE". She essentially did nothing more than promote science by consensus without having done any of her own original research into global warming.

Typical of Art Bell to bring us this kind of garbage.

And of course... Dr. Ekwurzel was one of the LEADING OUTSPOKEN scientists who swore up and down that we were all going to die from "killer Hurricanes" in the 2006 season. Check this article here. As we ALL know now, that never happened. As a matter of fact, reality threw a pie in her face. NO HURRICANES came into the US at all in 2006. Hysteria - plain and simple hysteria. from a young scientist that really doesn't know squat! Or has an agenda.

Oh yes... she is also a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). A radical arm of Greenpeace (?).

So once again, Mr. Bell (whose life is shrouded in controversy with the recent and strange death of his wife and his almost immediate marriage then to a 19 year old Philippine child) has brought us more pseudo-science and garbage on the air waves. Much akin to what Imus has done, only in the world of "science and fact".

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