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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Testing Testing - Earth to Humans, Come in! Can you HEAR us? Testing!

You cannot make this up. You cannot even get wildly drunk and burp this stuff up. You cannot even go to the Amazon, chug mushrooms, and then dream this stuff up. It is beyond any rational thought at all.

Yet... here it is.

CQ CQ, Can you hear me Earthlings?

Yesterday, Kevin Hennessy, a lead scientist (?) with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said that "media attention" on scientists that were skeptical of "global warming" damages the consensus that now exists about global warming.

Further, he charged that any media attention on scientific skeptics only serves prolong useless debate and keeps the "controversy boiling".

He continues, incredibly, to say: "a balanced view does not always reflect the consensus of the research community", and is therefore a bad thing.

Oh - My - God! I am not making this up. Read this again. Read and think about what he just revealed. Click HERE and read a news article about it.

Mr. Hennessy is complaining that climate reporting is "TOO BALANCED". OH MY GOD.

He is insane. Hennessy is literally insane. How can a real scientist even make statements like this?

I am, literally without words now. This takes the cake. The dark madness is amongst us.

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