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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

They Now Want it Both Ways

You knew it was coming. It would only be a matter of time before A LOT of people (and scientists) had to cover their behinds over their grave predictions two years ago that they had absolute proof that the 2006 hurricane season would be the worst ever - and all because of Global Warming. And of course, we now know, in 2007, that their dire predictions of doom were 100% wrong. Not a little wrong, but 100% wrong. Not a SINGLE hurricane came ashore in the whole of the 2006 season.

So, I guess you should have expected this latest news article as the Global Warming Psychos (GWP) are undeterred by the facts.

Here it is.

Reuters (of course) has a news article out this morning proclaiming that Global Warming now suddenly INHIBITS hurricanes. They claim that wind sheer, from Global Warming, is responsible for the LACK of hurricanes in 2006. Hey, maybe this only works this way on even numbered years? Yeah, that's the ticket! Click HERE for this most amazing and psychotic bit of news. A sudden and complete 180 degree prediction change from 2004.

Doesn't anyone consider this a sign that maybe we have no clue what we're talking about with this and that maybe, out of prudence, we should study this (and not just 1-2 years either) before leaping to doom and gloom predictions?

What amazes me is how these deranged mental midgets can keep ascribing EVERYTHING (even conflicting facts) to Global Warming. The key here is that THEY WANT IT SO BADLY TO BE TRUE that they can't even think clearly or straight. This is truly scary.

I think, in my book, I agree with Michael Savage when he mourns publicly that half the nation (and maybe the world) is, essentially, mentally ill. It isn't their fault, it just is. Or, as other suggest, this is the invisible hand of communism at work. Either way, it's ghastly.

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