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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Really Big and Deadly Cycle

One enduring aspect of our existence here on Earth that seems to be consistently overlooked is the simple FACT that nothing in nature is static. Nothing. Yet this is exactly what Al Gore, Sheryl Crow, hoards of Hollow-wood stars and starlets, and the liberal media would have you believe - all things are naturally static and that any change in that must have been brought about by humans. Usually this "change" is given an evil connotation... something "bad" we are doing. For example, any change in climate is "caused by man" and is "bad". Or, how about this take: change is the result of George Bush or Carl Rove - and is bad bad bad.

Try this take: "Hi, my name is Dr. Cullen from the Weather Channel and I'm the Chief Climatologist here and although my undergraduate degree was in Religion, I have no Masters Degree, and my Doctorate is from a matchbook certificate mill (and perhaps my daddy is rich and knows Al Gore) I am now on the Weather Channel to TELL YOU THAT YOU WILL DIE from global warming." Yeah, right. She goes on to discredit REAL scientists who discount her wild and hysterical claims. Smooth move Weather Channel. Say, I have a dog that barks when it rains... how about hiring him as an expert too!

There are cycles and events which are ordinary, expected, and necessary to life on Earth. Pick up a Historical Geology book and see for yourself (Oh yeah, I forgot, whats a book... duh!). Many of these cycles are not yet understood or even known. So how then can anyone accurately model our climate? They can't. This is why the weatherman or lady is wrong about the weather NEXT WEEK despite using the best NOAA supercomputers and models. We do not know enough, period.

So along comes a recent discovery. Astronomers have known this for ages... Our Sun moves toward and away from the Milky Way’s center, and also up and down through the galactic plane. One complete up-and-down cycle takes 64 million years. This cycle is recently discovered to be suspiciously like Earth’s biodiversity cycle. See graph.

This biodiversity cycle seems to coincide with the Sun’s galactic travels and cycles.
Now to be sure, "biodiversity" is a tame word that really means wild weather, the extinction of many species, increased radiation and hazards from space, changes in the way the sun affects the earth, and on and on. In short, hazardous times for small animals. This is just ONE more cycle, natural cycle, that the Earth experiences.

Yet, small minded actors, singers, politicians insist that is it US that must truly be at the center of the universe and the cause of all the things they cannot fathom. Talk about medieval thinking, at best.

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