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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wonderful News

From the financial sectors, specifically the Financial Times (click HERE for the article), we read that all these "carbon credits" that Al Gore (and pals) have been pushing yield few, if any, environmental benefits at all.

In investigation undertaken by FT has revealed that these "credits" are (ready for this?) worthless. The "green gold rush" is generating a lot of money for the companies selling them, but they in turn are doing little in return. This is what we used to call "a scam".

The market for these "credits" is projected to reach over 65 BILLION DOLLARS by 2010. Yes, 65 BILLION. This is companies, individuals, organizations sending 65 BILLION dollars with "companies" that sell "carbon credits" and return... what? WHAT? Nothing but good feelings?

What is so upsetting is that 65 BILLION dollars could go towards a lot of really good children's programs, healthcare, research, tax returns, food for the needy, shelters for battered women, medicine for Africa, churches, new city streets, and I could go on.

You must know that Al Gore's company is a leader in this endeavor. In my opinion, this is a criminal fleecing of millions of ignorant but do-gooder Americans.

Want to know what's behind Global Warming? This is it.

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