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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Insanity Trumps Science

Science? What science?

You can say anything you want anymore and not have a single shred of real evidence but if you WANT it to be true, or you think it SHOULD be true, hell, it's true, right? Further, if you don't have a lick of a decent education, you sure can believe anything. And that is exactly what is happening in America in the early 21st century.

We've become a nation of blithering idiots... driven by market forces, directed by politics, and moved along by ignorance, hysteria, and the media.

Take this thing that hysterical morons call "Chemtrails". These conspiracy buffs claim that the white trail left in the sky behind a high flying aircraft is REALLY (shhhh, it's secret) some kind of horrifying chemical purposefully being "sprayed" on unknowing Americans for some nefarious reason. It is usually said that the reason is to "hurt us" for some reason. When presented with Physics 101 facts, the morons claim that thee facts are really just a cover up. I laugh, then I cry... because these people REALLY BELIEVE this. Yet, not one shred of it makes sense. This belief is so fantastical and so absurd that it defies logic. Hell, it defies words. But, there it is. People, claiming to be professionals and scientists, spread this hysteria and millions believe it.

Then, take this person named Richard Hoagland who appears on the Coast to Coast radio program on a weekly basis - reaching millions of listeners. He claims he invented the plaque that went on a space probe (he didn't), he claims he was a peer of Carl Sagan (he wasn't), he claims he was awarded a legit science award (it wasn't legit), and he claims that NASA is one big conspiracy covering up UFOs and things on Mars. Then he continues to ramble about garbage he made up called interdimensional physics. I laugh so hard, then I cry. The man is an idiot but a great snake oil salesman. And millions BELIEVE him.

Then, take Al Gore. He claims he invented the internet (he didn't), he claims he was a lawyer (he failed the Bar Exam and isn't a lawyer,) he claims LOVE STORY was about HIM (it wasn't, and the author was pissed about Gore's claim), and he claims he is a scientist (he isn't) that needs to warn the world about something called Global Warming (quite the opposite of Carl Sagan's Global Cooling warning). In short, a pathological liar. And yet, millions believe him. I laugh, then I cry. The man is an idiot and a liar - yet the liberal communists give him a Nobel Peace Prize for this movie he made.

Insane. Just insane.

So, I turn to this story - from a REAL scientist...

"ONE of the world's foremost meteorologists has called the theory that helped Al Gore share the Nobel Peace Prize "ridiculous" and the product of "people who don't understand how the atmosphere works".

Dr William Gray, a pioneer in the science of seasonal hurricane forecasts, told a packed lecture hall at the University of North Carolina that humans were not responsible for the warming of the earth."
Click HERE for the story.

Yet, Dr. Gray is ridiculed for this.

Oh man... are we toast or what!?

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