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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Sky is Falling...

The sky is falling. It's ALWAYS falling.

Today, it's "Global Warming" and how it will savagely do us all in. Just a few years ago it was "Global Cooling" and how it was going to savagely do us all in. Click HERE.

Well, even Newsweek is finally beginning to understand (vis-a-vis their article)... there are just too many variables involved for us to begin to think we can predict the climate in a year, or ten, or a hundred. To think differently is pure blind arrogance.

Climate has become a useful tool of the politician (that should give it away as a sham right there) desiring to "sell fear" to the ignorant and the entrepreneur wishing to make billions in "carbon credits" from gullible do-gooders.

Yet, has not one of these sad dupes ever thought about how it's darn near impossible to even predict the weather for tomorrows baseball game, or golf round. Meteorologists and Climatologists generally get the forecast right in a 1-2 days period but past that - all bets are off. The reason? Chaos theory drives weather. It's that "one flap of the butterfly's wings".

As a result, we really will never be 100% sure of the forecast... not even with today's massive super-computers assisting the NOAA and NWS. Those that are not political know it.

Turning our attention to global climate then? You can then see why this is a favorite tool of snake-oil salespeople... there simply isn't any way that we can know one way or another.

This then is why the study of the history of our planet is important. Maybe we can then extrapolate. But, if that's the case, then our climate is doing exactly what it should be doing... as our Earth continues to emerge from a period of glaciation and freezing temperatures some 15,000 years ago.

Change occurs slowly - we're just too arrogant and small minded to think so.

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