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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More PANIC - Only Five Years LEFT... Start Screaming Now!

"Panic" as described in Wikipedia: "Humans are vulnerable to panic and it is often considered infectious, in the sense one person's panic may easily spread to other people nearby and soon the entire group acts irrationally."


Now, reports of more panic inducing news articles. Sky News is reporting that we ONLY HAVE FIVE YEARS LEFT [TO LIVE] because of "Global Warming". The panic mongers are ratcheting up the message.

Sky News reports: "The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) warns governments have until 2012 to "plant the seeds of change" and make positive moves to limit carbon emissions. If they fail to do so, the WWF's Vision warns "generations to come will have to live with the compromises and hardships caused by their inability to act".

Warnings. Failures. Hardships. Bunk...

Click HERE for the Sky News story

As for the World Wide Fund for Nature? WHO are these people? Click HERE.

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