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Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Fear Mongering From Scientists Looking For Grant Money

NASA is a big "company". The guy that cleans the floor in the Lewis Research Center "works at NASA". The folks that track NEOs "work at NASA". The spokesperson from Houston "works at NASA". And even the people that don't agree with each other concerning which space probes to build, what missions to select, who to pick as astronauts, and whether global warming exists or not... "they work at NASA". Lots of people "work at NASA". So when I come across a report that says it is "from NASA", or when I read an opinion piece "from NASA", I need to take it with a grain of salt and understand this kind of badge for what it is. In some cases, it means little.

Now we have a person named Barry Lynn, working under the NASA umbrella called the "Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University" out of New York that seems to be inhabited by a large population of university professors that are not much more than socialist nut-cases, screaming at the presses that we're gonna burn!

Recall that the biggest arguments FOR the global warming myth come from this same center of study. Recall also that this center was funded largely by Al Gore, as Vice President, when he held the grant money purse strings for eight years. This tactical maneuver of Al's now allows them (the global warming supporters) to claim NASA backing. "NASA says"... blares the headlines with an air of authority. When in fact, it is merely a few employees at the Goddard Institute that are making these wild assertions. Coincidentally, there ARE world prominent scientists WITHIN the Goddard Institute that refute the global warming mythology. However, they're not out pushing a mythology, they're usually busy doing what they were hired to do by NASA.

So, once again, we have a Goddard Institute "scientist" screaming that the world is going to bake all based, once again, on a global model (we already know about those, don't we) used in the recently issued climate report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). And we already know how fake and disingenuous the IPCC is (a United Nations scam to put it politely).

Odd that a Goddard Institute "scientist", working for NASA, is so willing to fall head over heals in line with a "model" dreamt up by the United Nations (IPCC). That should tell you his agenda immediately.

And odd, the news story (click HERE) has a headline warning: "Extreme Summer Warming in the Future". Not real clear here... I always thought summer was warm to start with anyway. Long before global warming - while Carl Sagan was warning of global cooling, I recall spending summer days in 119 degree heat - in the shade - for weeks on end in central Texas. Guess what? That's called summer. But I suppose for anyone used to spending all summer in their air conditioned home, car, and workplace, that must seem quite an alarmingly high temperature (Uh Oh... global warming!!).

And finally, Dr. Lynn is only AFFILIATED with research by NASA. He is not a NASA employee directly. He's an associate professor at Columbia.

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