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Monday, May 07, 2007

Global Warming Called Absurd

Here is a scientist. "Reid A. Bryson holds the 30th PhD in Meteorology granted in the history of American education. He is the Emeritus Professor and founding chairman of the University of Wisconsin Department of Meteorology—now the Department of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences—in the 1970s he became the first director of what’s now the UW’s Gaylord Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies. He’s a member of the United Nations Global 500 Roll of Honor—created, the U.N. says, to recognize “outstanding achievements in the protection and improvement of the environment.” He has authored five books and more than 230 other publications and was identified by the British Institute of Geographers as the most frequently cited climatologist in the world.

He calls the Global Warming myth ABSURD. Read this to find out WHY!!

Click HERE for the story...

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