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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tempers Flare At The United Nations Climate Summit

Bottom line, poor nations (G-77) staged a walkout to protest what they called "inadequate aid" offers from rich countries (re: the U.S.).

In any other dictionary this is called EXTORTION. So allow me to set the record straight. This so called "aid" from the United States is money that is collected from I and my fellow citizens.

Excuse me Mr. Rhodesia, and Ms. Cambodia, and brother Antigua, and sister Cuba... that "inadequate aid" is generated from United States taxes, and that tax money comes from U.S. citizens pay and hard work.

So you want to complain that I'm not giving you enough money? What gives YOU the right to complain about ANYTHING that I GIVE TO YOU FOR FREE? How dare you suggest that I owe YOU anything for ANY reason.

So how would you like it if we just stopped giving you any aid at all? As a matter of fact, I suggest we STOP handing out all our hard earned money and start telling you all to go pound salt. Let's see how far you get then! And maybe that's what you need... start working for yourself for a change and stop demanding handouts and certainly stop complaining when the handouts aren't BIG ENOUGH.

You know what, you G-77 countries, you need to know that Americans are getting pretty angry with your demanding and ungrateful and jealous attitudes...

Tempers ARE flaring and they're mine... so shut up you G-77 countries and suck it up. You want help, we'll help you, but only if you pull the weight. You want a big car and a big house and a lot of land and great food... do what we did. We worked together, we cut corruption, and we worked hard for everything we have. Guess you never studied American History... it's a long hard struggle of tough and gritty people from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Our secret to success: We earned it.

So shut up and start saying "Thank you" every once in while and we'll be more than happy to continue being generous and GIVE YOU MONEY FROM OUR PAYCHECK to help you out. Ungrateful pigs!

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A list of the G-77 Countries, Click HERE.

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